China’s Economy at a Crossroads: Virtual Harper Lecture with Zhiguo He

Thursday, August 27, 2020 8:00 pm - 9:00 pm



Zhiguo He
Director, BFI-China, Becker Friedman Institute for Economics
Fuji Bank and Heller Professor of Finance, Booth School of Business
The University of Chicago


Enormous challenges and opportunities emerge for today’s China as the world is stranded in an unprecedented economic and health crisis. In this virtual UChicago Harper Lecture, join Zhiguo He to examine how the visible and invisible hands of China’s economy will guide it through. This virtual Harper Lecture is presented in Mandarin with English subtitles.

Zhiguo He is Director of BFI-China, Becker Friedman Institute for Economics at the University of Chicago.


本次讲座由芝加哥大学布斯商学院Fuji Bank and Heller金融学讲席教授何治国主讲。何治国教授将回顾中国地方政府债务演进及其近期发展,并着重讨论其中所体现的政府干预与市场力量的相互作用。

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