2024 Home Medicine and Palliative Care Symposium

To support and promote the growing development of home healthcare, the "2024 Home Medicine and Palliative Care Symposium" was held at the University of Chicago Center in Beijing from June 15 to 16, 2024. This event is organized by the China Association of Gerontology and Geriatrics, Beijing Hospital (National Center for Geriatrics, Beijing Palliative Care Guidance Center), and the editorial department of Home Medicine (Yiren Medical Group). The event is presented by the Palliative Care Subcommittee of the China Association of Gerontology and Palliative Care and End-of-Life Education Subcommittee of the Beijing Medical Ethics Association.

The seminar features leading experts from hospitals and medical institutions around the country for discussions on the topic of home medicine and palliative care. The panelists are Professor Yao Nengliang, Professor Liu Lan Qiu, Director Fan Yun, Professor Ge Yanfeng, Professor Li Xiaoying, Director Zhou Zhengshun, Professor Xushuo, Professor Yue Peng, Professor Yang Jie, Director Cheng Aihua, Director Lu Liuxue, Chief Wu Bingxian, Director Wang Bei, and Director Shi Hong.

These renowned experts from the industry and healthcare workers with extensive practical experience in palliative care presented to engage in academic discussions and exchanges. They will work together to improve the quality of home healthcare and palliative care and to build an inclusive, friendly, and comfortable medical environment.

The seminar at the University of Chicago Center in Beijing hosted around eighty attendees on each day. It covered a wide range of discussion topics, including the interpretation of legal systems for home palliative care access, policy outlook and exploration, social support systems, family doctor service models, capacity building for palliative care, quality control of home healthcare and palliative care, along with many other relating topics and Q&A sessions.Zhiying Ma, Assistant Professor at Crown Family School of Social Work, Policy, and Practice leads this event.