Clinical Leadership Development Fellowship

Healthcare is an increasingly complex industry and, at times, the patient seems to be the most neglected component. 

The Clinical Leadership Development Fellowship (CLDF)  focuses on the patient and how healthcare leaders can better understand the needs of the patient in the clinical setting, a clinical research setting and how to lead hospital leadership to best manage the various stakeholders.  

This fellowship consists of 3 programs which will provide robust training for a cohort of clinically active leaders who share a knowledge base and vision who will institute changes in their own hospital, county and region that will advance high quality ethical healthcare changes for the next generation. 

The MacLean Clinical Medical Ethics fellowship begins in early July with a “Summer Intensive”.  This one of a kind introduction to clinical medical ethics provides a didactic foundation for a weekly continuation of medical and surgical ethics which is highlighted by clinical case conference which discusses in depth interesting and challenging ethics consultations received by the clinical ethics consult service.  The fellowship is also enriched by weekly invited speakers both from the University of Chicago, around the US and the annual MacLean Clinical Medical Ethics conference in November. 

The CLDF provides the fellow with 7 courses that provide information regarding the management and conduct of clinical trials.  Throughout the Clinical Trials Management and Regulatory Compliance certificate, you will develop procedural and administrative understanding of the clinical trials process and build the skills and knowledge necessary to lead clinical research studies.

This comprehensive certificate program provides rigorous clinical research training across the entire clinical trials process, from the perspective of the clinical study site as well as that of the sponsor or monitor. The broad curriculum covers ICH good clinical practice guidelines, regulatory requirements and compliance, detecting fraud and misconduct, and statistics for clinical research. Students will build the skills and knowledge to initiate clinical research studies, apply monitoring methods, and write documents and reports, while understanding and abiding by FDA regulations and International Conference on Harmonization (ICH) guidelines. Instructors are experts in clinical trials and clinical research. Program instructors average over 10 years of experience in the field and have expertise in all areas of clinical trials. Professional affiliations include managers of clinical trials programs, business executives in related medical companies, and certified American Society for Quality (ASQ) members.

2024 Tentative Courses

  • Good Clinical Practices
  • Drug Development Process
  • Statistical Concepts for Clinical Research
  • Fundamentals of Clinical Monitoring
  • Fundamentals of Site Management
  • PM & Leadership in the Healthcare Industry

The third program of the CLDF is a 10-week hospital management module which can be tailored to the fellow’s specific interest or provide general hospital management exposure.  The hospital management module will include quality improvement and infection control lectures and simulations.   The goal of the hospital management module is for the fellow to identify a project that the fellow wishes to bring back to his/her own institution for implementation.  As time and interest allows the fellow may observe lab meetings or clinical research, but it should be emphasized that this is NOT a clinical disease management fellowship, NO direct patient interaction is included in this fellowship.

After a sufficient number of fellows from a given region have been trained over several years, a further goal would be to establish a regional program that can replicate the experience gained at the University of Chicago. 

In this model there would be a phased in approach with faculty from the University of Chicago actively participating with former fellows to develop the in-region program. 

  • Highest level of English language competency “ proficient” on the UChicago AEPA exam. View UChicago AEPA Exam here.
  • Chosen by your Hospital leadership as a “rising star” or already a leader and wanting to refine leadership skills and knowledge. 
  • Must have faculty appointment or have a leadership position in hospital. 
  • Successful completion of applications to The MacLean Center for Clinical Medical Ethics fellowship and University of Chicago Professional Education Clinical Trials Management and Regulatory Compliance certificate
  • J 1 Visa
  • Completion of all materials necessary for a Visiting Scholar (See requirements below)
  • All materials need to be submitted by February 16th, 2024 
  • Certificate Program at the University of Chicago Professional Education in Clinical Trials Management and Regulatory Compliance – 6 courses
  • 10 Week Hospital Management Internship -  It can be rotation of 5 departments spending two weeks at each department or 10 weeks at one department to participate in a specific project, depending on the fellow’s interest
  • Clinical research or basic research in the area the fellow’s clinical area
  • Scanned copies are acceptable
  • if bringing a spouse and/or dependent children copies will be needed for them also

Current J 1 visa requirement requires a minimum of $2,060 USD/month + $258 USD/month for each dependent

 The letter must state:

  •  The person’s name and current title
  • That they have permission to come to UChicago as a Visiting Scholar, and for how long - 
    • Please note that the materials from the home institution should indicate that the proposed visitor will be coming as a Visiting Scholar- I have received feedback that materials that do not list the correct title will be returned due to lack of consistency
  • That their pay (at what rate) and benefits will be continued while they are at the University of Chicago
  • That they have a position to return to upon completion of their visit here. 
  • The minimum funding amounts that must be demonstrated in the letter. Information can be found here
    • if the proposed visitor intends to bring dependents with them, the funding requirements will change. 
    • The sponsoring institution must be the primary (although primary won't always mean the majority) source of funding, but if the institution's support is not to the J-1 minimum level, then the proposed visitor may supplement with personal funds.
  • Health Insurance coverage

View more information here

if bringing dependents, ALL of them must have health insurance meeting the minimum requirements listed.

See "Upon Completion of Fellowship" below

Required tuition for 2024-2025 is $50,000.00 USD

  • 1 Ethics manuscript suitable for submission to English language journal
  • Successful Completion of 6 courses at the Graham School in Clinical Trials Management
  • Active participation in the 10-week Hospital management internship – work with a team to analyze and define an issue for UCM hospital management.
  • Develop a research project that the fellow can participate during the entire fellowship period. The fellow will be asked early on to define a research goal and to begin designing a project.  The goal of this capstone experience is to develop a project plan to implement at his/her home organization.

Upon enrolled fellows successful completion of programs

  • University of Chicago Professional Education Certificate Indicating Training in Clinical Trials Management
  • MacLean Center for Clinical Medical Ethics indicating completion of the Fellowship
  • UChicago Medicine indicating completion of The Clinical Leadership Development Fellowship.