UChicago-Getty Postdoctoral Workshop in Chinese Art: A Stimulating Exchange of Ideas

The UChicago-Getty Postdoctoral Workshop in Chinese Art, held on August 14th, 2023, witnessed a fruitful gathering of nine Chinese domestic and international students. This intensive workshop, hosted by the UChicago Center in Beijing, offered a unique platform for deep exploration of Chinese art.

Wu Hung

Guiding this academic endeavor was Professor Wu Hung from the University of Chicago, a distinguished scholar renowned for his contributions to Chinese art history. A graduate student from Peking University provided valuable assistance.

Over the course of two weeks, the program featured rigorous academic sessions, punctuated by individual presentations on dissertation projects, Professor Wu's discussions on art historical writing structures, and dialogues with guest speakers specializing in Chinese art.

Participants also seized the opportunity to explore Beijing's cultural offerings, visiting museums, exhibitions, and art studios. The workshop concluded with dissertation proposal presentations and a constructive roundtable discussion.

The UChicago-Getty Postdoctoral Workshop in Chinese Art exemplified intellectual depth and collaboration, with Professor Wu Hung's mentorship at its core. It holds promise as a significant contribution to the field of Chinese art studies, shaping future scholarly pursuits.

This workshop underscores a commitment to academic excellence, paving the way for continued advancements in Chinese art scholarship. This workshop is a multiyear program funded by the Getty Foundation.