A Warm Welcome: UChicago Information Session and Launchpad Reception in Beijing

With the pandemic finally receding, the Center in Beijing has witnessed an influx of University units resuming their activities in China. Last week, in keeping with our long-standing tradition of community, solidarity, and hospitality, the UChicago Admissions Office organized two pivotal events at the Center.

info session

These events, an Information Session for prospective students and a Launchpad reception for incoming students and their families, took place on consecutive evenings. The Information Session, held on September 4th, provided invaluable insights into life and academics at the University of Chicago. James Nondorf, Vice President and Dean of Admissions and Financial Aid, engaged with over 200 local high school students, parents, and school officials. Jim's presentation, informative yet light-hearted, created an engaging atmosphere.

Subsequently, the Launchpad-Beijing reception on September 5th extended a warm welcome to the Class of 2027 students and their families. This event facilitated their orientation to UChicago life, underscored the university's global network, and fostered connections among students, alumni, and parents.


During the reception, James Nondorf celebrated the remarkable achievements of the Class of 2027, highlighting a record-breaking 90% yield rate and the diverse backgrounds of the incoming class. The event's success was enhanced by the gracious hosting of UChicago parents, Haitao and Grace.

Both occasions offered a glimpse into life at the University of Chicago, renowned for its dedication to academic excellence, diversity of thought, and active engagement. As with all events held at the Center, the meticulous support and preparation by the Center team were instrumental in ensuring their success.