Graduate Student Research Residencies

The Beijing Center invites graduate students to spend time at the Beijing Center while pursuing research in China. While many students choose to do research here during the summer, the Center can accommodate graduate students at any time throughout the year. The Center provides work space, visa assistance if needed, local information and some logistical support.

In addition, a few stipends of $3,000 are available to assist with transportation and local expenses. If you are interested in applying for a research residency stipend, you may submit a description of the research you intend to do here in China, along with an estimate of the approximate time you wish to spend here. Each student proposal must include a letter of endorsement from his or her advisor or another faculty member who is familiar with the student’s work. The entire application should not exceed four pages.

Materials may be sent to Please note that, while we are very happy to host graduate students as often as necessary to support their research, each individual graduate student is eligible for a research residency stipend only once.